Using Russia’s traditional distillation techniques, POLIAKOV Premium Vodka is made solely from select wheat.

Its slow triple distillation gives it unrivalled purity and extreme freshness.

The grains


Extreme care is taken to select the finest wheat grains, which are chosen for their quality and tenderness for maximum flavour extraction during fermentation.

Fermentation and distillation


During fermentation, the focus is on the quality of water. When combined with the 100% pure wheat, it determines the flavour profile of our POLIAKOV Premium Vodkas.

The continuous column distillation is repeated three or five times, following centuries of time-honed expertise. It creates the characteristic purity of our POLIAKOV Premium Vodkas.



Specialist filtration and a slow, controlled reduction give our POLIAKOV Premium Vodkas their perfect balance of flavours and extreme freshness.

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